Thursday, May 26, 2011

New Conan: Cool or Corny? looking forward to the new Conan The Barbarian movie, starring Jason Momoa.

Just the poster image alone is enough to get my butt in the movie theater chair. Love, love, love the skulls. And I've always loved that gigantic monster of a sword Conan has--you just know he's going to rip someone or something a new butt hole with it.

I like to live vicariously through people like Conan the Barbarian. For instance, when the jerk in traffic tails me for two miles and I'm sweating bullets that he's going to ram into the back of my vehicle, I can always come home and watch an old Conan flick and pretend the person he's killing is the guy who drove on my ass.

Even back in the day, when Arnold was Conan, I enjoyed rooting for the giant dude with the killer sword.

It's just fun seeing a good guy totally wreck everything in his surroundings. Although Arnold maybe took the wrecking thing a little too far and smashed up his marriage, and with a different sort of sword...but I won't go there... To each his own! Silly Arnold! (Really, though, are people surprised? I thought he was a known womanizer? Okay, sorry, not going there.)

Back to Conan the Barbarian.

Some naysayers have already started blabbering on about how the new flick (in theaters August 19) is going to be a let-down, like the new Clash of the Titans, which I did not see, so I can't give you my honest assessment on that one. But I think it'll be everything it promises to be: a movie about a muscled dude wrecking up some bad guys with his sword(s) and looking good while doing it.

Plus, the movie's also got Rose McGowan in it. I love Rose <3 She was so good in that ridiculous Grindhouse flick, Planet Terror. She is one of my favs.

You might not recognize her right off the bat in Conan, though, because she looks like this:

She'll probably die a very dramatic and gruesome death since she is rumored to play one of the bad guys. But she's quite good and being the evil seductress type, so it'll be fun for sure.

One more thing: the new Conan, Jason Momoa, is also in the new Game of Thrones series on HBO I blogged about not too long ago. He plays Khal Drogo, another bare-chested warrior.

I'm looking forward to the movie, if only for the sake of viewing some escapist cinema, which I think we all need a little of these days.

What do you expect from the new Conan movie? Think it'll be a flop? Or think it'll be fun?


  1. Oh! Sorry, I was going to comment but my brain ran away peeing in its pants from Rose McGowan's forehead.

  2. Great post!

    I love Conan! I actually wrote an essay about Conan and the barbarian ethic in my Oxford application paper. The questions in the entrance exam were so weird I didn't know what to do so gave up and just wrote something silly. Much to my surprise they must have liked it as I passed the exam! I'm grateful to Conan and Robert E Howard for that!

    Didn't know about the new film. Lets hope they don't get too carried away with unrealistic CGI (the problem with the new Clash of the Titans).

    I loved Rose in Charmed (one of my guilty pleasures!)and there is a picture of her in pink pvc clothes which is one of my favourite photos of any woman anywhere!

    As for Arnold...I did some work with his staff a few years ago - I met him in the corridor outside his office in the capitol in Sacramento - and the women there said he was a womaniser and a very "tactile" man but none of them seem to mind!

  3. Hey Agent, glad you liked this one. How cool that Conan helped you pass your exam! I'm with you on the overload of CGI. I actually miss the old-school puppets/animatronics sometimes. Was Arnold nice when you met him? He seems like a nice celebrity. I like him in Jingle All The Way, which is silly Christmas movie made mostly for kids, but I still enjoyed it.