Monday, May 23, 2011

Heavy Metal Lover

Occasionally I hear a song that would fit perrrfectly in the movie version of a book or books I've read. Lemme just share one example with you. (If you are avid readers, you occasionally do this, too, right?)

So if you live on Planet Earth and have any sort of inkling about what goes on in the music realm, you'll know that today Lady Gaga has released her album Born This Way. Gaga has also done something new and uploaded all the tracks on her new album to VEVO, which is YouTube's "channel" (I guess you could call it) that's devoted to "official" musicians. You can basically listen to her whole album in good quality on there, and it's been loaded legally because Gaga did it herself.

Now, I go back and forth with Lady Gaga. One minute I think she's great, and the next I'm either totally confused by something she's said publicly or feeling like she does things just for the sake of publicity. But right this minute, however, I am #1) impressed with her generosity to share all the new songs for free, and #2) I'm also kinda diggin' the new album. Might have to get it even.

So back to what I was getting at in the beginning of this post... I've read several paranormal books recently that involve highly erotic club scenes. Books like the Anita Blake series by L. K. Hamilton and the Wicked Lovely series by Melissa Marr, for example. Gaga's new song "Heavy Metal Lover" on the new album would go perrrrrfectly with any one of these sizzling dance scenes in books like I've mentioned--whether hot werewolves, sensual vampires, or lust-worthy faeries are involved. So whoever out there is in the process of making any of these books into movies needs to contact Lady Gaga asap and get her to agree to the use of this song in said club scenes:

I mean, if I were in a club, and say, a mouthwatering paranormal being wanted to dance with me, and this song was playing, I might have to oblige. Just sayin'.

From Anita Blake comic version

Happy Monday, everybody!

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