Friday, May 27, 2011

17 Pyramids

Okay, this was just too cool for me not to post about.

Archeologists (space archeologists, to be exact) recently have pinpointed the locations of 17 previously "lost," ancient pyramids in Egypt.

They found the pyramids by using satellites that orbit Earth. These satellites have been taking infra-red images, and in some of the images...mysterious pyramids emerged... 

It's really cool that cameras in space found them because there's so much lore about the pyramids being the direct result of space visitors. Ever seen the History Channel's series Ancient Aliens

People (and not just crack-pots, but intelligent members of society) have come up with some very interesting theories, concerning the great pyramids at Giza, and others around the world. It'll make you think twice about everything you thought you knew regarding the awesome structures.

I cannot wait to see what the archaeologists present to the public after digging around in these 17 "lost" pyramids. Perhaps it'll be more clues to the puzzle? Perhaps just more mystery? 

Have you ever given any thought to the pyramids--why they were made, who made them, etc? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

TGIF, readers!



    The pyramids are pointing in the wrong direction.

    We are all aliens in this life but we do not use stupid metal space ships to travel between different worlds, our mode of transportation is far more XO-Tech than that. We travel to OUTER SPACE by passing through a human body(mother's) and we return to INNER SPACE using a "similar" form of transportation but this time the human body, is your own. Thereby, we are all SPIRITUAL HOBOS.

    Once in a blue moon, an Einstein comes through or a Jesus, or a Hitler. In the final analogy, these characters and all of the others that come and go around here are simply facets from the mothership. Mummy is another word for mommy.

    Perhaps the pyramids should have been built upside down. That would be more mysterious than the way that they are now. If we go up when we die than why aren't the mummys placed on the tip-tops instead of deep "within" those triangulated tombs?

    Want to see an alien? Look deeply into your own eyes with a mirror! If you are blind, just do a soul search. In any case, the latter works better.

    If you live to be 80, that's only 960 months of time... hardly long enough to warrent putting up drapes.

    Signed, hobo

  2. Hah! You know, upside-down pyramids would be awfully interesting to behold and try to figure out!

  3. There was a documentary about them on the BBC last night!

  4. Ooo, I wonder if I could find a copy of that on YouTube...

  5. You must also read St. Malachi's Prophecy Of The Popes. Google Sources are available.

    Signed, hobo

  6. It's such an unique time to be alive in the world. Surely, it appears that we are going to find out more about the pyramids' real purpose soon? The government looks like it's going to nosedive any moment now - gold prices went way too ballistic this week.