Wednesday, February 23, 2011

State Farm Rep, You Silly Goose

Today I stepped over all the crap in my driveway from the INCESSANT construction (it's a freakin' obstacle course), to check the mail. In the pile of junk and bills, I found a cute little Happy Birthday post card of all things, and it was addressed to me! Seems the good people at State Farm, my car insurance people, wanted to show how much they care by sending me good birthday wishes on my happy day. How considerate of them! And my representative even took the time to sign the card himself!


My birthday is in October.

I laughed all the way up to my front door and immediately showed Drew. The card's still sitting on our coffee table because it makes me snicker.

LOL, State Farm!


  1. ...and how strange to have an insurance company called "State Farm". It really sounds like a place that should be producing potatoes for Stalin's war effort!

  2. Ah, Agent, you just made me laugh even harder!

  3. LOL! Oh yes, CJ, this is State Farm. We love you so much we just wanted you to know that we're thinking about you and wishing you a happy birthday ALL.YEAR.LONG. It's not that we actually FORGOT your birthday, oh goodness, NO! We're just such a wonderful, loving company that wishes it's super-special clients well wishes for 12 straight months. By the way, your insurance is going up 25%. Have a wonderful un-birthday!!!

  4. LOL Yes, I'll just consider it a b-day wish because they "care."