Sunday, February 20, 2011

News Flash: An Estimated 50 Billion Other Planets Found...In Our Galaxy

I came across this AOL news article about the Cosmic Census discovering a crap load of planets in our very own Milky Way Galaxy. Many of these planets (and by many I'm talkin' around 500 million) are guessed to be in the "Golidlocks" zone, which basically means they are probably able to sustain life, just like Earth. Check out the article in its entirety:|main5|dl3|sec3_lnk1|45323

The part of the news story I found MOST entertaining was the very end, where a question concerning life on these other worlds was asked of the Kepler scientist chief: "The next question is why haven't they visited us?"

The scientist's response: "I don't know."

And my answer, of course, is this: "Maybe they already have."


  1. Maybe they only visit planets with intelligent life...

  2. Maybe so, hahah. They want to skip the Earthling barbarians!