Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Final Countdown

Hey All! How's February going for everyone? Or 2011 for that matter? Following any new blogs? Have any new interests?

As many of you know, one of my growing interests of the past couple of years is UFOs. I came across a blog some months ago, UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock, and have since been following it religiously. If you're mildly interested in UFOs as entertainment or if you're somewhat of an obsessed nut (like myself), who believes we have been/are being visited you will really dig Rick's blog. To my delight, he posts regularly, and he is THE source for up-to-date UFO/Strange Phenomena news. I can't get enough of the blog, frankly.

One of the things I really like about Rick's style is that he takes everything with a grain of salt. Although he blogs about all the best UFO-related news, he doesn't necessarily believe in every YouTube video he finds. He welcomes all opinions, and if you can debunk something, do it! He gives his frank point of view on his topics, but his commentary is always filled with educated arguments (and that definitely appeals to my former debate teacher side). Ultimately, he is just searching for the truth, which entitles him to a lot of respect in my opinion.

I, too, want the truth. Growing up, I didn't give too much thought to UFOs. I figured there could be such a thing, but I was of the mind that most pictures and videos out there were pranks. Or I just didn't think about it at all. Then, a couple years ago, my father started getting interested in UFOs when he saw a strange craft on his morning drive to work one day. He called and told me about it, and about how he started doing some research online, and that the information found on the good ol' Net was mind-boggling. He has since joined MUFON and is an official field investigator for the area.

I began my own search, and that same day, my mother called to tell me about an acquaintance in Stephenville, TX, who told her an interesting story about some relative of hers. The woman's relative had seen a pretty major UFO there in the Stephenville area (which, for those of you who don't know, is notorious for sightings of this kind). The woman informed my mother that her relative (who if I'm not mistaken, is a rather prominent man in government) had been threatened by men in dark suits not to say anything of his discovery.

I found these two stories in one day quite the coincidence. Several days and many late-night-YouTubings later, I was stargazing in my back yard, when I saw what I believe to have been a UFO. It seemed waaay far up, so it had to be huge. But it was triangular in shape, and its coloring resembled that of the stars around it, almost as if it were camouflaged. I just happened to catch it moving from one side of the sky to the next in about 4 seconds of silent (fast!) travel, and I was floored. It wasn't a satellite, wasn't a plane, wasn't a comet. I think I really saw something.

So I'm a believer. Or as the famous poster says, "I want to believe." But most importantly, I want to get at the truth. For all of you who also would like to delve into the mysterious universe of secrets that is UFO news and lore, visit Rick's blog, UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock! At the very least, you'll find well-researched posts by a guy who is awesomely passionate about this topic.

In other news, I've finally started in on my New Year's Resolution to mediate more. I'm reading through Bhante Henepola Gunaratana's Mindfulness In Plain English and starting to get the hang of it. In the near future, I'll be posting about my experiences entering into that practice.

Also, no updates as of right now on Vengeful Bounty. Still waiting to get my first set of edits to work on, and I am frothing at the bit to get started!

Taa-taa for now!

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