Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wildcatter Ranch Therapy

So, I now belong to the MWBIPCC (Morons Who Back Into Parked Cars Club). It's an official club that only idiots like yours truly can join. I earned my initiation when I reversed right into a shiny black Lexus (of all things...seriously) at a bakery on Sunday afternoon. But never fear! We both have insurance! And my bumper was WAY worse off than his, so LIFE IS GREAT! X-D

But that's not what this blog is about. This blog is about taking a spontaneous trip to Wildcatter Ranch with my friend Sally. She got a good deal on a cabin/room, so off we went!

And it was JUST what the Soul Doctor ordered.

From the time we arrived in that hilly, Western paradise, I knew I was going to love it. It's out near Graham, Texas in the green hills so there was a nice breeze, despite the heat. We had a private porch with comfy rockers, where we sat and looked out on the vast countryside. We also got to dine on some absolutely delicious chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes for supper. There was a swimming pool I fell in love with, and we swam under the stars--stars we could see clearly, being so far away from any city lights. Even the Milky Way was in clear view. Ahhhh.

I realized something when we were out there, and that is how happy I am when life is simple. I know it was a vacation, and normal every-day life can't be like that unless you're filthy rich, but I knew I could start to make choices to add more peace back into my life. I had no computer, no Internet, no cell phone reception even. There were creatures of all sorts, just spending the day with us in serenity: hummingbirds, mammoth grasshoppers, dragonflies, frogs, even a little snake slithering across the main lobby's porch! But I found I wasn't icked out by any of them, like I would've been in the city. It was their territory, out there in that calm, comforting land, and I'll have you know I didn't kill anything!! I even helped a frog out of the pool that got stuck.

I've lived in country settings several times in my life, here in Texas and also in Colorado. I've missed the stars. I've missed the absence of noise (especially traffic). I've missed not being too afraid of creepy crawlies. I've missed not feeling like I have to check my e-mail or phone multiple times a day. I've missed PEACE.

But even though I have returned to society, I will be making some changes. I'm in the process of quitting Facebook, for many reasons, one of which is the simple fact that I've spent so many hours on there that I could've spent doing something to the house or spending time in nature. Which brings me to my next change: though it's blazing hot now, I want to spend more time outside. There's a beautiful park nearby called River Legacy that I have vowed to spend more time at, simply wandering around on the pathways, getting reconnected. I'm also going to try to be active every single day--the swimming was so therapeutic. People aren't meant to be sedentary. We're meant to move our bodies! It's part of the key to happiness.

All right. Enough chitter-chatter. Here are some pictures of the trip!

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