Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Gift of Adoption: My New Siblings

My mom and step-dad, Stephen, have wanted to adopt for years and have been in the process for quite some time. This year, they were blessed with being granted the adoption of three beautiful children: Nathan, Natalie, and Angelina.

Previously orphaned, the kids had been shuffled in and out of foster homes, making their lives unpredictable and harming their growth. I am proud to say that they now have a steady home where people love them and I am honored to be called their sister.

At first, I was concerned about the amount of time these children were going to take from Mom and Stephen, their house normally being the quiet home of a couple whose children are all grown. I knew it was going to take a lot of energy to raise three children and that it would not be easy at any age. But in the end, I still supported their decision because it was a GOOD thing to do.

It's funny to me, though, some of the serious opposition my parents faced when making the decision to adopt. People very close to them--family even--disapproved, stating Mom and Stephen were "too old to go through that again" or that they "couldn't afford it." It's amazing to me that the idea of taking homeless children into a loving, stable environment would be considered a bad thing!

Nathan is a lover of facts. He thrives when he is reading about scientific tidbits, and he loves and is good at math. He can also run like the wind and has a wonderfully dry sense of humor.

Natalie is a diva at heart who loves to dress up in beautiful clothes and heels. It makes her day when she gets to do someone's hair. She has a sweet smile and a contagious laugh.

Angelina never meets a stranger. She is a fearless little girl who likes to sing and play on swings.

They're part of my family now. Drew and I have decided for the moment not to have any children, so I have embraced these kids with sisterly and motherly intent. I look forward to strengthening my relationship with them and being there in times of need. I can't wait to listen when the girls need to chat about boy troubles someday, and I look forward to helping Nathan ace his future college writing assignments.

I'm proud of my parents for their decision. And anyone who has a problem with that can kindly shove it!


  1. How wonderful and unselfish. Every child needs a home, and these three got to stay together. Bravo! This is a decision everyone should be proud of. :)

  2. I've only met Angelina and she is just cute as can be. She and my boys immediately meshed like they had known each other for years. I can't wait to meet the others. Your Mom and Stephen are amazing people and I'm so glad these kiddos have such wonderful, loving, compassionate parents.

  3. And this means something extra special coming from both of you, Tammara and Alisha, having been adopted yourselves! :)