Monday, May 31, 2010

Scarborough Fair!

I've been down in the dumps. We all get that way from time to time. But recently I've been experiencing the sort of I-Wonder-How-Fast-I'd-Die-If-I-Drove-My-Car-Into-That-Wall kind of dumps. A number of things has made me feel this way. For example:

1) Drew still being unemployed since his lay-off in January.

2) Nothing but rejections from the people to whom I send my stories.

3) The oil spill and seeing all the footage of those poor animals.

4) Watching people close to me make stupid decisions and having addictions without realizing it.

5) Not being sure where I'm going to live when Drew does get a job.

And the list goes on.

Sooooooo, I needed to find a way to get rid of this melancholy feeling! I'm a big advocate of getting out and DOING something to fight depression, rather than wallow in it, so today Drew earned himself some Mega Husband Brownie Points by agreeing to take me to...*drum-roll please*...


YEAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

From the time we stepped on the grounds, I was given a massive dose of sweaty love.

We browsed the shoppes and I developed and quick crush on a piece of artwork, which I bought for the house. Is this not the coolest thing since Cool was invented?

My emotions swelled when we beheld the bird show, specifically when the hawkers brought out a gorgeous bald eagle. In the background the love theme from Braveheart played, and upon hearing that combined with seeing a live bald eagle in front of me, I had to hold my breath not to crumple into a sobbing hormonal lump.

But I wasn't the only one enjoying myself! Drew had a great time, too, joking around with complete strangers about shooting his ex-boss with an arrow, and standing by really wicked-looking brass fountains.

Seeing everybody dressed up brought back my longing of the theatre--I majored in it in college my first year before switching to English. The actors, and in particular this *adorable!!!* little fairy, rekindled that thespian flame within me.

This experience also thrilled the music-lover in me, especially when we stumbled upon this gentleman playing a tune on a set of glass goblets!

But perhaps the most magical moment of all was when a butterfly landed on Drew.

Happy Memorial Day, all!

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