Thursday, April 7, 2011

Creeptastic Real Clone-bots

We are living on the verge of science fiction times. Hiroshi Ishiguro is the creator of the Gemenoid robots, robots which he fashioned after three living, breathing humans (one being himself).

If you take a look at the video, you can tell which are the robots and which are the people, but I'm still impressed with how lifelike the bots still are.

With the way we continue to advance technologically, imagine how these Gemenoid robot clones will look in the next, say, 10 years. Will they be indistinguishable from their human twins?

Go ahead and click on the video--it's slightly on the creepy side, but still cool as heck.


  1. A whole range of thoughts & emotions streamed through my cavernous head watching the vid. Most of them weren't very positive, if only because I suspect the majority of anthropomorphic doo-daddies will ultimately end up as either sexbots or killbots or sexually promiscuous killbots. (If you make a book out of that, I will sue you for the equivalent of a fancy dinner.) The thin silver lining: Narcissists would no longer need children.

  2. Arvin, I thought of sex-bots, too!'re right, all the narcissists would just copy themselves. And maybe even get promiscuous with their doubles if they're that in love with themselves. Indeed, the story ideas are blooming--you'll have to write one!

  3. Dear C.J.,

    Always remember that "there is nothing new under the sun". Hell, we even made up a God that looks just like us!

    Signed, hobo