Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I shouldn't be surprised.


I shouldn't.

Not with the vampire craze of the past decade.

Not with the hundreds of thousands of novels and movies and comics and TV shows.

I should be totally NOT surprised at this.

But I am.

We humans, in all our creative and semi-twisted glory, have a new addition to our world of colognes: Blood-Scented Perfume.

It comes in A, B, AB, and O! So many to choose from... I wonder if a person should stick with the kind that matches his/her own blood type, lest it clash and, well, knock the cosmos off balance or something.

But, yeah. Blood-scented perfume. **inhales** Just imagining it makes me...recall getting teeth pulled and having a really acrid taste in my mouth that I didn't much care for since blood isn't high on my list of smelly-good things.

Regardless of that, this stuff should be a hit, right?

These guys just thought a yummy human dinner was outside, but no! It's only someone's discarded blood-scented perfume bottle. How disappointing. Better luck next time, boys!

OK, seriously. Am I the only person who thinks this is kinda zany? Or do any of you readers think its cool and are interested in getting some for yourself? Maybe I'm a traditionalist, but I'll stick with my fav perfume, which is called "Miracle." It's a little less, erm, metallic...

To read more about the new blood-scented perfume, click here for the full article.

Your thoughts and opinions are always welcome!


  1. Dear C.J.,

    Always remember that "there is nothing new under the sun" whenever the latest fashionable thing comes around.

    Hunters and warriors were the first ones to where this stuff and since then countless drops of the precious commodity have been splashed all over everything from sacrificial lambs to virgins... not to mention those perverted "promiscuous" persons that seek to earn their "Red Wings".

    All is fair in love and war. Hey, I didn't invent the saying, I just live by it.

    Signed in blood by hobo

  2. Humans have always had a fascination with blood, haven't they (we)?

  3. My thoughts have gone form ugh to well they can't smell that bad, no? (after reading the article- it seems they have a metallic scent to it but they're mixed with a whole lot of other things). Finally, my brain settles on: I'll have to smell them and decide. LOL

    Something that probably doesn't smell too good (or not?) either is the perfume Lady Gaga want's to commercialize that smells like body fluids.

    By the way, good point that of Spiritual Hobo.

  4. I'm wanting to smell them, too. Maybe the other scents drown out the metallic smell. And Lady Gaga's little idea doesn't sound too appealing to me. Even thinking about it, I'm making a face!

  5. Hi Ya'll,

    Just scratch and sniff... in order to smell some blood perfume but now I am recalling one Bob The Slob who grew his own scabs and ate them along with others that he would grab off of the unsuspecting along the way.

    I prefer lilac and soon they will bloom nearby me.

    Signed hobo

    PS thanks for the compliment Elyzabeth, & hi C.J.