Friday, March 4, 2011

What's Cooler than a Seal? A ROBOT Seal!

When I think of robots, I don't normally think of seals. But someone else did! That's why on this Futuristic Friday, the spotlight is on the robot seal. What a super-cool invention!

This Real Seal gives his...(I'm sorry I can't help it)...seal of approval to the robot seal.

Apparently a group of scientists got bored with the human model and decided to put their thinking caps on. I imagine their aha-moment went a little something like this:

Scientist 1: "Hmm, human-looking robots are so 2010. We need something fresh."

Scientist 2: "Yeah...something a little less human...and a little more...oceanic."

Scientist 3: "We could do a fish?" 

Scientist 1: "No, no, no. That's not cool enough."

Scientist 2: "What about a crab?"

Scientist 1: "No, no. That's not quite it either." **thinks** "Oh, I know! We could do a seal!"

Scientist 2: "Oh, yeah! And have it play basketball!"

Scientist 3: "Yeah!"

Scientist 1: "Perfect!"

And they all high-five one another.

Or...something like that.

Anyway, to see the robot seal for yourself, click here

I think if I could, I'd invent a robot hedgehog, and I'd create a little track for it so I could have a real-life Sonic experience.

So if you could make a robot animal, what would you create, and why?

Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. I'd like to seal a deal on a KARANGATOO if they ever become available.

    I would like one because I could get on Oprah with it and quite possibly on The Dave Letterman Show too.

    Second choice would be a RHINOPLATAPIYAPUS and for the same reasons.

    My Grandfather used to call me hedgehog but that won't get me face time any place other than in a circus or at the zoo C.J. However I do like your idea on that one too, anyway.

    You're cool!

    Signed, hobo

  2. Hahaha, you're cool, too, Hobo!

  3. I actually thought about this one for a couple of days... I decided to create a chicken that can produce (high quality) eggs and meat while feeding on it's own dander. And since it would be lonely, we'll throw in a cow that produces milk and meat by it's own flatulence. But don't worry, the product would not be tainted by the "food." Can you tell my grocery bills are always on my mind?

  4. Alisha, that is actually...a really good idea! Just this week I learned about how much gas cows produce and that some people are trying to actually harness it so that it won't go up into the atmosphere. I had no clue how gassy cows really were. Amazing the things you can learn in your late 20's, right? Seems there are always things waiting just around the corner to enlighten you...

  5. I bet people in Newfoundland will still try to bash it over the head, however...

  6. Oh, those Newfoundland people...they need reprimanded in the most karmic way possible!