Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Romantic Zombies?

Hello Everyone! And welcome to Weird News Wednesday!

This week, the spotlight is on the upcoming movie Warm Bodies. Apparently this flick is going to be some sort of horror romance (odd combination, huh?), but it doesn't revolve around vampires or werewolves, both of which have been dominating the paranormal romance scene lately (e.g. Edward and Jacob).

Noooo, this movie is about a zombie with emotions, a zombie who actually falls in love with a girl and sets out to save her from being eaten by his reanimated corpse buddies.

The actor set to star in Warm Bodies as the zombie hero is Nicholas Hoult. Some of you may know him from the movie About A Boy, where he plays the adorable little character Marcus. Well, he's not little anymore, but rather all grown-up if you ask me.

Such big pretty Anime-boy eyes he has! Pity he's going to have to get all gunked up for the movie--then again, Hollywood may find a way to keep him sexy...though the idea of rotting flesh doesn't exactly turn me on.

But what I'm wondering is...if he's playing a zombie in love...and zombies typically have a hard time with their body parts decomposing...are we in for one hell of a disgusting love scene? Or is this romance going to be more of the soul-mate love kind without any sex?

I honestly don't know which I'd prefer, but I have to say if there is going to be a naughty romp, I'm far too curious not to watch.

Do you think this "genre" has a chance at taking off? I guess we'll see soon enough.

By the way, Warm Bodies is reportedly an adaptation of an unreleased short story by author Isaac Marion: "I Am a Zombie Filled with Love."

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  1. Were I an investor, I wouldn't sink any money into a zombie project, as I suspect it will be shorter lived than the vampire genre. I was saying that about vampires before True Blood, too, so I obviously know nuthin'. Never in a million years would I have predicted Alan Ball jumping into True Blood, but I'm damn glad he did.

    Austin leftneck-jack-of-all-trades Jesse Dayton starts shooting "Zombex" (which he wrote and will direct) in New Orleans next week for the Mardi Gras scenes. I'm sure it will be a D2V deal, but Jesse's a very talented and interesting guy (one well worth seeing when performing in North Texas; saw him a couple of weeks ago @ Dan's Silver Leaf in Denton, and several times previously). He knows a lot of talented people and has some experience with film, so I'm optimistic even though I'm ambivalent when it comes to the flesh-eating walking dead.

    P.S. There should be a Twitter Toddler section, as I'm more or less in the same boat as you!

  2. Thanks for commenting, Arvin! I'll keep Zombex on my radar--if for any reason, I absolutely love New Orleans and anything filmed there gets brownie points! When the film comes out, let us know here at the blog, would you? Sometimes it's hard to predict what the new trends will be. I never cease to be surprised.

    And you'd think Twitter would be simple, right?? Hahah. I hope I can figure it out soon!

  3. My pleasure, C.J..

    I wouldn't mind visiting the set to shoot a million or so stills once production kicks into gear, but the schedule is kind of erratic since J.D. is also playing Kinky Friedman in a play in NYC. Forays like that - for me, anyway - have to be commercially viable in this lousy economy, but when the subjects are zombies, it's hard to imagine high quality photography falling short of that mark. Not a fan of summer heat in The Big Easy, though (it's bad enough in North Texas) so the jury's out. May have to flip a coin.

    I'll keep you posted when things get weird.

    Good luck with The Twitter Thing.