Monday, November 1, 2010

Time Warp Halloween

Saturday I went to my friend Misty's Halloween party up in Lawton, Oklahoma (it's where it's all at, folks!), and I dressed up as this guy you see to your left.
That's Dr. Frank N Furter from the cult classic Rocky Horror Picture Show. I would upload the picture of me, but it's a scan, and that quality is crap-tastic. But you can just use your imagination. I had the pearls, fishnets, leather jacket (he's wearing one in another scene), fingerless gloves, wig, makeup, bulge and everything. It was great.

Whenever the Lawton Trick-or-Treaters showed up, we would assess their ages. And if they looked way too old to be out stealing candy from all the kids, I would be sent to the door to give them their candy. And I did it in character. **silent laughter** The first group just stared as if in some sort of shock. One of the guys from the second group actually tripped as he was walking backwards away from the porch after I daintily placed a candy in his and his friend's baskets, using the best transvestite voice I could to say, "One for youuu, and one for youuuu!"

They may have even gone home and cried themselves to sleep, but I just have to say, it was worth getting the blisters from the 4-inch heels just to see the look of abject horror on those un-costumed little punks.

"I remeeeemberrrr! Doing the Tiiiiime Waaaaaarp!!"

Hope you guys all had a Happy Halloween, too ;)


  1. **falls back cackling** Oh. My. Me. That would have been something to see! So THAAAAT was your outfit? LMAO! Wow. I do have to say you would put a little ... how do we say it... BOOBAGE into it that ol' Frank couldn't muster.

  2. Yeah, we chose that because Misty already had the costume from when I did a video-taped lip sync, like, a decade ago. Yes, I am that poor, LOL.