Thursday, October 14, 2010

UFOs over NYC!

All right, so I've been wanting to do a UFO post for a while now, and today seemed like a good time since like a dozen of them were spotted over the New York skyline. I'm talking NYC, the Big Apple, baby.

Don't believe me? Well, click on this news link:

I think the biggest problem with people and UFOs is the programmed response of, "That's hogwash!" Even though thousands of people continue to see sightings, and even get them on video, people all over immediately say, "NOPE! That's fake!" Yet they'll believe in other things they've never seen with their eyes. Why?

Well, I'll tell you why. If you took an alien non-believer and then started to get them to believe a little bit, you'd see a certain emotion emerge: Fear.

A lot of people don't want to believe in UFOs and aliens because it scares the living crap out of them. They think of movies like War of the Worlds or Alien and imagine being wiped out or harvested or operated on.

Well, what if it isn't like that?

What if it's unlike anything Hollywood has ever depicted?

Then again, what if they are NOT nice folk? What if they are just indifferent, doing their little experiments, trying to figure out what makes us tick, showing up in their craft specifically at night so they can watch the little humans as they drive their cars down country roads.

People don't want to know because they're afraid, pure and simple.

But I think it's better to know what's out there. If we didn't ask questions and delve deeper into the truth of who we were, we'd never come up with certain medicines that keep people alive. We'd have no chemo for cancer, we wouldn't know what foods were good to eat, or the importance of exercise. We'd all be living in the Middle Ages, with a life expectancy half of what it is now, blaming everything on evil spirits.

If you start thinking of how far we've come from then, imagine what we have yet to find out! Imagine if these UFOs (which ARE real) carry in them beings with knowledge that far surpasses ours, and are willing to teach us something?

Would that not just beat all?

I like thinking about it because it makes my financial situation seem not so important. But I also like thinking about it because I'd rather be AWARE of the things going on around me so that I'm not surprised. I'd rather be cognizant of it than be a non-believer who says that aliens and UFOs are no more real than Santa, and then one day have them fly over New York City and stop 2 blocks of pedestrian traffic and find myself pissing my pants in shock...

Then again, that has already happened...and people still deny the truth...


  1. And what's more mind-boggling is this was predicted--to the exact day--by a man who claims to know a whole lot more about it. Copy and paste this in your browser to read the article.

  2. Okay... will people still take me seriously even though I wear a foil hat in public?

  3. Some will. And some will think you've just been reading up on the latest issue of Vogue Magazine!

  4. It's silly to think that we're the only living creatures in the universe. Who knows, maybe aliens are already walking among us?

  5. Maybe so, and frankly, I think that'd be cool. Then again, I am a secret Star Wars junkie ;)

  6. Sully,

    Nice blog - I looked around finally today. Congrats on your book thing - I'd be happy to run a link for it when you are ready, just let me know. And, thanks for being a commentor on my blogs too.

    Rick Phillips