Sunday, June 12, 2011

Japanese Ball Drone Video

Anyone heard of a Japanese Ball Drone? No??? We-he-hell, you are going to be entertained by this.

I don't know what I enjoy most about this video--the fact that:

1) the floating, remote-controlled sphere has so many futuristic possibilities (think pizza delivery ball drones, etc)

2) the people making the video used music from the Top Gun soundtrack (LOL)


3) the ball drone reminds me of this thingie in Star Wars:

What uses can you come up with for this nifty little device?


  1. this is horrible, in ways that horrible can't even aspire to be like yet
    dear lord, I nearly spit out my coffee watching
    Thank you for this- just so perfectly random

  2. LOL You know I like my Random! ;)

  3. ...or the fact that they fit a camera to it and chase an attractive woman upstairs!

    I love the way it literally flips its lid at the beginning!

    It would be so useful if you were stuck in a traffic jam and wanted to see what was causing the hold up ahead. I want one!

  4. Yeah, the lid part is too cute! And they would indeed be perfect for checking the causes of traffic jams. Maybe they'll go on the market soon??

  5. Mmmmm.... Not sure about this one... I can only see intrusive camera and spy type things as it's use but then maybe I'm just plain cynical! I coldn't get the sound on btw. Oh well.

  6. I love that your blog is all about speculative stuff too! And thanks for taking a look at my re-focused blog!

  7. Thanks, Pat! And too bad you couldn't hear the sound--that's the best part!