Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Slickest Keyboard Around

Later this summer, the new Cool Leaf keyboard will go on sale here in the US, and whoo-boy, is it awesomely sci-fi-looking.

It uses a touch panel, which is supposed to give off a small vibe sensation to let you know you've touched the keys correctly. And it's got this spiffy mirror finish that makes for really easy cleaning. If you get one of these babies, you won't have to buy those air dusters to clean around dusty keys; all you'll have to do is wipe it off like a glass window.

Minebea is releasing the keyboard in Japan this month. When it reaches the States it'll cost around $300. Yes, pricey. I'll probably have to pass on it for the time being so I can afford to fill up my Honda. But it's still going on my Wish List because it's so fabulously futuristic!

What about you? Would you want to own a keyboard like this, or do you think you'd prefer an old-fashioned keyboard with keys you have to press down?


  1. It certainly looks very Star Trek: the Next Generation (incidentally Star Trek proper never really got the recognition it deserved for portraying computers without tapes (c.f., for example UFO)but instead having little data blocks and also not using keyboards).

    However I like the feel of a keyboard, coming from the typewriter generation. For the same reason my Blackberry has keys rather than a touch screen. It's what is putting me off getting an iPad, despite all of my friends raving about them.

  2. I think I'm somewhere in the middle of it as far as comfort goes. I enjoy pressing down keys, but I also have fun flipping through pictures on an iPhone by just sliding my finger across the screen. It'd be interesting to see how hard it would be to change all that muscle memory of pressing down keys to just lightly tapping a piece of glass.