Monday, March 21, 2011

Mytheon Brings Classic Mythology to Life

Are any of you out there gamers? Do you also like ancient mythology? Mytheon is a new online RPG that incorporates all the coolest mythological characters from Greece, Egypt and Rome.

And best of all, it's FREE!

You play a "stonecaster" in the game, and your objective is to collect magical stones and learn to master their uses in order to defeat all the fun and fancy gods and goddesses. The stones let you summon awesome mythological creatures, like the Pegasus, which you can ride into battle.


All the details of the game are supposedly true to ancient myth, too, from architecture to story-lines to clothes. So if you're interested in mythology, this appears to be a great place to go not only to have fun but to learn about these myths.

Here's a good 10-minute video of the game in motion, complete with narration:

Want to check out Mytheon for yourself? Click here.

And just for fun, who is one of your favorite mythological characters? (I love Pegasus, but I'm also a fan of Anubis, too.)

Have a good one, folks!


  1. Hanuman; Eastern Mythological Diety. A monkey faced forest dweller who could not locate a specific herb that he sought for on a mountain so he grabbed the entire mountain and flew it to a battle field so that his commander might receive the herb and be healed, which he did do.

    Pegasus can fly also so that's cool too.

    Do you fly in your dreams C.J.?

    Signed, hobo

  2. Woo, he flew the entire mountain, huh? Dang!

    Yes, I have had a number of flying dreams in my life, though not very recently. I always wake up from them a little disoriented because flight seems so natural at the time. It's always bit of a disappointment to be reminded that I'm really grounded.

  3. Yeah, Google "Hanuman" if you want to hear the whole story, it's very interesting mythologically.

    Hang on to the fascination and feeling of flying. Don't be down when your back on the ground; what goes around comes around. You will fly some more...

    I'm very sure!

    Signed, hobo