Wednesday, March 9, 2011

More Massive Amounts of Dead Fish

This week, dead fish washed up early Tuesday morning on Redondo Beach in California--hundreds of thousands of them.

Full story:

Scientists are saying the deaths happened due to oxygen deprivation when they were driven into a pier area by a storm.

I can't help but think of the smell. Whew! Nasty!

And although officials figure they know the reason why this particular group of animals bit the dust, I still can't help but remember the strange story of all the birds that fell dead from the sky this past January. Did you hear about that? There were also bunches of deceased fish showing up around this time as well:

Strange times we live in...

Fireworks and power lines were among the explanations for the birds, but it's still creepy as heck. I kind of like to wonder if they all ran into a cloaked mothership or something. Hmm...

But the real question is, what will show up next? Personally, I'm really hoping it'll be the world's entire population of cockroaches. Especially the big ones. You know, the mutated kind that occasionally pop up in the garage or the kitchen and you almost can't believe what you're seeing because they're so freakin' huge, and you end up using your entire can of Raid on them just to be safe?

**Ahem** Yeah, let's hope the cockroaches are next.

Have a great Weird News Wednesday, everyone!


  1. I do have to wonder how many homeless men were bathing under that pier before that...

  2. Indeed... Methinks it's got the makings for a good Monty Python sketch ;)

  3. I love weird stories like this. Have you ever read anything by Charles Fort? You might be interested in his stuff. He kept thousands and thousands of records of weird happenings.

    Oh, and I'm moving to Scotland in Sept. :)

  4. And how in the heck-o-rama did you do that beautiful chalk, font, handwriting, amazing stuff thing as your tile? Ah-may-zing.

  5. Hey, Timothy, long time no chat! Wow, congrats on your upcoming move!! That is just awesome. Are you going to do some acting over there?

    I just found that font in the Design tab when I was reformatting the page. There are a lot of options on blogger here, just have to play around with them.

  6. Thanks! I've been accepted to the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama. It's a stupidly amazing school -- I'm one of three or four international students. Four year course and a two-year visa to work in the UK when I graduate.

    I'm going to play with fonts! :)

  7. That is the coolest news I've heard all day. I hope you have a blast!