Friday, March 25, 2011

Explore the Robot World of "Porkchop"

We all deal with grief in different ways.

Some ways are deeply destructive, others profoundly productive.

Artist Leonard Zimmerman Jr. (alias "Porkchop") suffered a painful loss in 2006 when his partner passed away. Instead of letting that grief take over his life, he channeled it into some of the coolest robot art I've ever seen. That's why this week's Futuristic Friday spotlight is all on him.

Zimmerman, who lives in Augusta, Georgia, loves what he does, and in a short documentary on YouTube, he encourages all artists to follow their passion: "Just get out there and do it." He also mentions how lucky he was to have parents who encouraged his abilities when he was younger, and he strongly encourages other parents to do the same.

One of the main things I admire about Porkchop is that he likes to make people smile with his work. In a world where many artists rely on the often ugly and uncomfortable shock-factor, he is a breath of fresh air. Stephen Uhles of The Augusta Chronicle describes Zimmerman's work as combining "pop-culture kitsch with hard emotion and extraordinary levels of skills and talent."

His robots have no gender, no race, and thus, no prejudice. Their existence is simple. It doesn't involve hatred or bigotry--just the kaleidescope of life's many colors.

When I imagine a better future for humanity, that type of world is just what I hope for.

Be sure to click through his gallery to see more of his delightful work.

Have a great weekend, and thanks for stopping by the Speculative Window today!


  1. is a link to the flickr gallery. and the artist website is

  2. Interesting programming, thanks!

    Signed, hobo

    PS. Your thinking of the past when you feel grief, you're in the present when you make art, the future is somewhat uncertain no matter what you do. You however, can be quite consistent by putting out cool blog posts that I like.

  3. Darn right. I'm so glad you're enjoying my posts!