Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bigfoot Raises a Stink in NC

Just in case you thought Bigfoot sightings were a thing of the past, think again!

Ol' Sasquatch got caught on camera by a man traveling a local road. The man claims Bigfoot smelled like something "between road kill and skunk."

ABC News covered the story; to read it click here. (That link also has the video.)

Course, debunkers are already claiming it's a false. They primarily say that the movements are too human-like and not ape-like enough. View yourself to form your opinion.

One legend has it that the people of mythological (???) Atlantis created the Sasquatch with their advanced science. The first reported sighting we know of was by a man in Canada in 1811. No carcases have ever been found, though some questionably large footprints discovered over the years have led many to believe Bigfoot is a fact and not fiction.

Do you think Bigfoot could still be out there, roaming our North American countryside? Or do you think the whole thing was a sham to begin with?

Have you ever seen anything mysterious in the woods you couldn't explain? Whether a new visitor to the Speculative Window or a frequent follower, feel free to share all your strange stories in the comments section.

May your Wednesday be good and Weird.



    Check out that link for the Missing Link.

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  2. I just read it. That was a great post!!