Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Orb

I finally got digital copies of Halloween, and I wanted to share the mysterious orb that showed up in one of the group shots.

Please note that dozens of pictures were taken of the same area all through the night, and this orb didn't appear in any of the others. So I highly doubt it's dust or a reflection--you can see for yourself and correct me if I'm wrong.

Notice all the details--the circle within the circle, and the mysterious "eye" in the center. What could it be?

I've never seen any orbs like it, myself, and I found it pretty fascinating.

Any thoughts about what it could be?


  1. I bet it's MJ. He wanted to make an appearance this year, too. Or it could be Jimmy Hoffa and he wanted to tell you where his body was.

  2. Jimmy Hoffa, lol. Yeah, it was probably MJ wondering why I didn't dress up as him this year like last time.

  3. It's the moon that's come down to say hello :p